Welcome to Impact Yoga.

Impact Yoga is here for you to access the power in softness. Impact Yoga teacher Kirsten is passionate about showing people how to work together with the their own mind, body & heart as a holistic support system within themselves from the inside out through the power of YIN.

Learn how to bend so you don’t break.

Feel the impact after just a single session wash over you. Discover which (version of) yin poses work best for your unique self to experience a deep sense of nourishment, release and healing when you start working together with the intelligence of the body. Yin combines the knowledge of yoga and mindfulness with Chinese Medicine by focussing on the energy meridians. Kirsten guides you into connection with the softer Yin energy that lives inside you. Together, you decipher the messages from within and discover which meridian energy is out of balance when facing physical, emotional and mental challenges. Take time to slow down, check-in and translate these inner messages into the unique yin poses you need to come back home to yourself. We do not use the body to get into the pose, we use the pose to get into our body. 

Get ready for a sense of empowerment, personal leadership, and insight on and off the mat.

Impact Yoga offers (inter)national Yin Yoga Retreats, workshops, events, mindful leadership programs, holistic health consults, and private & business yoga programs. You will also find Kirsten teaching weekly (yin inspired) Corona Yoga classes online and teaching live yoga classes at different yoga studios in Amsterdam.

Click here for the latest Women’s Yin Yoga Retreat 2021: EMBODY THE ELEMENTS. This year this unique Retreat will take place in the mountains of Slovenia…

The story behind Yin Yoga

Yin and Yang

Many of us live fast-paced, Yang-orientated lives with lots of external stimulation. Always busy, making plans, and running to our next appointment, long working hours and leading active social lives. Often we manage this just fine and get a lot of things done this way.

However, we all reach that point we need to recharge our battery and feel the urge to balance out the “Yang” with some “Yin” – taking time to slow down again. It all comes down to balance and learning how to bend so you don’t break.

Yin yoga is a very passive, nourishing form of yoga in which we stimulate the deeper layers of the body. In yin yoga we stay in a pose for a longer amount of time so we can stimulate the deeper layers of the body: our connective tissues, ligaments, tendons, organs, bones, energy meridians,  and our fascia. It is fascia that holds our body together. It envelops our organs, our muscles, our bones and it is vital to our overall health, ability to move and proper functioning of our internal communication systems.

In Yin yoga we don’t use the body to get into a pose, we use the pose to get into our body. Yin invites you to feel. To be. Learn how to listen to your body, to trust your instincts and to know your true self.

As the ancient Taoist philosophy describes:

‘Yin cannot exist without Yang, nor Yang without Yin. Just as shade cannot exist without light, and light can only be light when contrasted to darkness.’

Impact Yoga class schedule

Come and enjoy classes with Impact Yoga as Kirsten teaches at different locations in the city of Amsterdam and also online – from her home to yours.


  • 17:00 o’clock – Open & Explore at YAGOY (De Pijp)
  • 20:15 o’clock – Yin Yoga at Thrive Yoga (studio location Oost)


  • 17:30 o’clock – Open & Explore at YAGOY (De Pijp)
  • 20:15 o’clock – CORONA YOGA online class from my home to yours. 


  • 20:15 o’clock – Yin Yoga at Thrive Yoga (studio location Oost)


  • 13:00 o’clock – Open & Explore at YAGOY ( De Pijp)

Experience a sense of deep nourishment and create your own calm, from the inside out.