Registration Yin Yoga Retreat 2018 officially open!

Join us this year for a magical week in Morocco!

Treat yourself to a week of bliss, beauty and ultimate relaxation. Get ready for daily rooftop yoga sessions, home cooked meals, hammam treatments and much much more. Relax by the pool, watch a movie under the stars or go catch some waves on your surfboard. It’s all here waiting for you.

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Yin Yoga Retreat 2018

Ready to indulge yourself?

I am very excited to announce our next Yin Yoga Retreat will take place from 15-22 September 2018 in …. Essaouirra, Morocco!

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Reviews on our previous yoga retreat in Sintra, Portugal (2017)

Marisca Wilbrink (The Netherlands)

So many beautiful things! What a week of wonders it was!!!!!!!!!!! Connection with really everybody and ourselves, myself. In thoughts, talks, walks, exercises, sharing, openness, holding, releasing, and always the laughter, respect and love. This week was just so incredibly good and intense. For as long as I will live, I’ll cherish this.


Michelle Close (USA)

THANK YOU  ladies for a wonderful week. Your knowledge, heart and kindness make the group and experience what it was. Along with the wonderful women who showed up , in many ways. I am savoring the experience, and working on keeping my learnings into practice and a motivator for more.


Marianne Willems (The Netherlands) – written in Dutch

Jullie warme, open houding / het feit dat jullie één waren met de groep / jullie intensieve betrokkenheid bij en aandacht voor ieder persoonlijk / jullie inzet, enthousiasme, overgave / jullie inspirerende lessen, sessies en meditaties / jullie soepele samenwerking en goede onderlinge verstandhouding / de wijze waarop jullie heel natuurlijk en spontaan gebruik maakten van wat er was en ruimte boden voor wat er spontaan ontstond / de manier waarop jullie er waren voor degene die dit nodig hadden (troostend, ondersteunend, voedend)… dit en meer maakte dat alle harten steeds meer open gingen en er soms zoveel liefde in de ruimte hing dat je er bijna plakken van kon snijden 🙂

My favorites

Feeling frustrated and don’t know how to let it go? Looking for ways to boost your willpower? Want to know how to release lower back tension, what are some smartphone counterposes, or how to sleep better at night? I’ll be sharing my favorite yoga poses for these issues and many more on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to follow me for some insider tips!

What makes Yin so special compared to other forms of yoga?

The mystery of fascia….

In Yin Yoga we stay in a pose for a longer amount of time so we can stimulate the deeper layers of the body, including our fascia.
It is fascia that holds our body together. It envelops our organs, our muscles, our bones. Fascia itself is also connected together throughout the body, making it possible to feel the breath as well as the rebound effect of a pose everywhere in the body. Only YIN can take you there. Curious to know more about the mysterious fascia? Read this fascia-nating article…and be amazed.  

Issues in our tissues

Our bodies naturally react to all kinds of emotions such as anger, fear, grief, joy, love. But did you ever stop to think how much of our emotions we store in our bodies as well? Sometimes our mind is not ready to deal with these emotional confrontations and we end up pushing these feelings away by distracting ourselves. However, the body doesn’t forget: it stores these issues in our tissues.

Enter: Yin Yoga.

Want to know more? Read on…

Issues in our Tissues: Looking at the Emotions We Store in Our Bodies. ~ Bernie Clark