Time to Embody the Feminine

While yang is about action and power, yin is about reflection and listening. Invite yourself to slow down and turn inward to give space to the softer yin energy that lives inside you, guiding you every single day.

Yin reveals the unseen.

Yin yoga is a special type of yoga that combines the knowledge of yoga, meditation & mindfulness with the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine energy meridians. In other words: a holistic approach that honors all that you are. Start working with the intelligence of the body, emotional self & the mind together as one supportive team inside you.

Yin specialist Kirsten helps you to decipher the messages from within and discover which energy meridian is out of balance when facing physical, emotional and mental challenges in life.

Feel the impact after just a single session nourish you on a deeper level. Experience a sense of deep nourishment, create your own calm, and learn to flow with the energy of the feminine from the inside out.

Get ready for a sense of empowerment, personal leadership, and impact on and off the yoga mat. 

Join us for Yin Retreats, weekly online yin yoga, or personal  1:1 Yin coaching sessions.