Online Mindful Leadership course

Mindful Leadership: From crisis mode to grip on the future!

How do you navigate times of crisis? What are you being confronted with? How do you create a new sense of balance for yourself?

Transition from thinking and feeling to taking action with practical tips and tricks that help you navigate these Corona times as efficiently as possible. This online crash course combines NLP coaching with specialized yoga techniques. Marian and Kirsten introduce you to an effective approach in tackling the issues we face in times of uncertainty. A holistic, practical approach that brings together the mind, heart and body to work together as one supportive system within you.

Mindful Leadership 2: Create your own Lightness!

As we are all now living through the so-called ‘Second Wave’ of the pandemic you may have noticed different elements being triggered inside you compared to when this chapter all started back in March. How is your mind dealing with this longer reality? Your body? And what about your heart?

It is time for a new Mindful Leadership mini course to focus on how you can best support yourself and use those tools to navigate any times of crisis. Best part: you can apply these tools straight away to create your own lightness in times of Covid, or any other form of crisis you might be facing.

This January we will pay extra attention to the impact on the heart and simple ways for you to create your own lightness as a way to navigate from a current situation to a more desirable one. Afterall, to be a good leader – weather for yourself or for others – means looking at the big picture and taking care of all the pieces to come together as one supportive team: body, mind & heart.

Discover what the Mindful Leadership course can do for you with just three online coaching sessions from the comfort of your own home, on a Friday or Saturday from 10 AM – 12:30 PM.

Upcoming dates:
– 2020 –

June 27, July 4 & 11 (past event): FROM CRISIS MODE TO GRIP ON THE FUTURE

October 24, 31 & November 7 (past event) : FROM CRISIS MODE TO GRIP ON THE FUTURE

– 2021 –

January 8, 15, 22 (registration now open!): CREATE YOUR OWN LIGHTNESS

Investment: €325


Bring together theory and practice and discover how to find a new sense of balance that works most efficiently for you to navigate the uncertain times of Corona: From crisis mode to grip on the future.

Depending on the nationality of the participants of the group: this course is also available in Dutch Van crisis modus naar grip op de toekomst >>>>>> Zie volgende pagina.