Mind-Body Weekend Retreat

Mind-Body Weekend Retreat, March 2019

Are you in touch with your intuition?  Are you true to who you are? 

Learn how to connect to your inner compass during this special Mind & Body Weekend Retreat.  Together with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coach Marian Verschuren, Impact Yoga offers a unique weekend retreat on 8/9/10 March, 2019 in Purmer (just 20 minutes outside Amsterdam). By combining yin yoga & coaching we will show you how to tap into the intelligence and power of your true self, both through the body and the mind. Recognize behavioral and communication patterns. Discover which yoga poses can help boost your confidence, connect to your intuition or enhance your focus. 

Are you looking for answers? Do you struggle making (the right) decisions? Do you wonder if you are following the right path in life? Do you feel lost or disconnected to yourself? 

Join us for this powerful & inspirational weekend. Get unstuck and acquire the tools that you need to move forward. Get ready for a weekend of reflection, inspiration and insight. 

Build your own bridge and turn your wish into reality. Tap into the power of your inner compass. The more you experience the unison of all that you are, the more you will be able to make effective decisions in line with your true self. 

Price: €435 (all inclusive)*

*2 nights accommodation in a luxury hotel, all meals, workshops, meditations and yoga classes. 

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