IBIZA Womben Wellness YIN Retreat: the goddess edition

Womben Wellness Yin Yoga Retreat – Ibiza goddess edition

Retreat location: IBIZA 16-22 April, 2023

Join Impact Yoga in 2023 for another soft, deeply nourishing week together with women of all ages.

A week for your inner goddess.

A gift to your feminine self.

An experience that stays with you long after the Retreat. 

This Retreat is for women who are ready to dive deeper and embody the feminine YIN energy within themselves. A deeply nourishing week on and off the mat filled with soft deeply nourishing yin yoga, self-care rituals, beautiful food, magical island excursions and a powerful Womb Ceremony to enhance the connection to the source of your feminine power, beauty and inner goddess.


Shakti is one of the most important goddesses in Hinduism and represents a divine cosmic energy that embodies feminine energy and the dynamic forces that move through the universe. Shakti is also known as Kali, Durga and Parvati – reminding us of the many sides and depth of layers we have as women. She can be soft and nurturing as well as fierce and powerful. She has the power of intuition guiding her, the ability to deeply connect, the source of creativity & manifestation and she can be an agent of change to restore balance.

We will be staying in the beautiful quiet countryside of Ibiza where the more spiritual, hippie vibes can be felt. This is your opportunity to explore the spiritual side of Ibiza. Ibiza has her own goddess called Tanit who – according to legend – protects the island and guides those who are willing to surrender to Her wisdom. Are you ready to feel her magic?

Choose to stay in a two or three person shared room with ensuite or treat yourself to an exclusive private room. Prices starting from € 1499.

Ready to book?

What is included?

  • 6 nights accommodation;
  • Brunch, snacks & dinners are organic, vegetarian meals (vegan possible too) with a private chef;
  • Daily outdoor yoga and meditation sessions (main focus: Yin Yoga, Shakti flow, morning Moon salutations to embody the feminine energy into the day);
  • Goddess ceremony;
  • Sacred Womb ceremony;
  • Women circles;
  • Spiritual island excursions;
  • Meditation Hike;
  • Access to private swimming pool and lush garden surroundings;
  • Yoga mats and all the props you need;
  • Goodie bag …..


  • Extra wellness services such as massages, healing sessions, etc. ;
  • Local transport / airport pickup (extra service);
  • Travel insurance (Inform yourself of local procedures; TIP: Check out this optional COVID Travel insurance so you can book with an extra sense of calm);
  • Flights

In case Impact Yoga has to cancel this trip due to Covid your spot will be saved for next year or you can request a refund*. Read more about our terms & conditions here.