Holistic Health Yoga Consults

  • Are you struggling with specific health problems?
  • Eager to find a more natural way to support yourself from the inside out?
  • Are you curious to discover a holistic way to work together with your body, mind & heart and access a new level of connection? 

Let’s create a unique Holistic Health Yoga menu designed to suit your unique self.

Impact Yoga offers private yoga sessions at your convenience with customized Holistic Health Yoga consults designed for your body type, health conditions, and personal needs. Together we will find which poses your body responds to best to access the deepest possible nourishment, but also which version of a pose works best for the shape of your bones.

Yes. You are that unique!

A Holistic Health Consult allows you to go deeper into understanding and includes personalized followup research into Chinese Medicine energy meridian theory. A holistic approach in yoga therapy by tapping into the natural intelligence of the body rather than the mind. Now it is time to translate the messages from within into practical Yin yoga poses to work with what is and start serving yourself. 

In our private sessions together we look into how your body communicates which energy is out of balance and how we can restore the specific nourishment your body is longing for by applying a combination of yoga techniques & Chinese Medicine energy meridian theory. 

First, we simply discuss your health problem or issue you would like to work on. Based on the outcome we will quickly discover together which specific poses your body needs to harmonize the energy balance, and in particular which version suits your unique needs to support yourself from the inside out. As a result we will create a uniquely personalized ‘Yoga Menu’ for you that you can always come back to and you start to understand the messages from within to work together with the healing intelligence of your body.

Examples of Holistic Health personalized Yoga Menus:

  • Burn out program;
  • Detox program;
  • Corona Yoga program;
  • Program to improve Focus;
  • Yoga Menu for Better Sleep;
  • Yoga Menu for Back Pain;
  • Yoga Menu for Anxiety;
  • Yoga Menu for Migraines;
  • Yoga Menu for Heartbreak;
  • Yoga Menu to support your Female Menstrual Cycle;
  • Other customized health programs.

Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.



Prices Holistic Health Consults*

  • Intake consult 2 hours €130 (includes first customized yoga session).
  • Followup sessions available as private classes. 
  • Private class 60 minutes:  € 60,-  (DEAL 5x Private classes 60 minutes: € 275,-)    
  • Private class 90 minutes:  € 85,-  (DEAL 5x Private classes 90 minutes: € 400,-)    

*Prices excl. travel expenses.