Corporate Yoga

Yoga for a sharp mind

Stress in the workplace. Most of us are no stranger to it. In fact, we are so used to being exposed to stress on a daily basis that we have unnecessarily come to accept it as part of our modern day lifestyle.


It is no surprise that prolonged work behind the computer and sitting at our desk all day is not good for our health. We experience stiff neck and shoulder muscles, tightness in our hips, sore lower backs, headaches, strain on our wrists …

Solution: corporate yoga.

When we’re happy, we can thrive in our work. Less stressful employees will be more productive and are less likely to need time off through illness or a burnout. Feel focused, happy, and revitalized throughout the day: all through the impact of yoga.

Yoga can also be used as a teambuilding-tool which stimulates cooperation and a healthy, friendly work environment. Make corporate yoga a part of your routine and experience how yoga can help wipe away aches in the body, stress in the mind, fatigue, boost your immune system and enhance your productivity. Yoga also stimulates creativity and concentration, sharpening the minds of your employees by improving their focus. Notice the immediate positive effects yoga has on your mind and body after just one session (guaranteed!).

Impact Yoga offers different (customized) yoga sessions that best suit the needs for your business, whether big or small. No prior yoga or meditation experience is necessary as Impact Yoga designs classes accessible to any body. Literally.

Enjoy corporate yoga at your convenience: at your location and on your time.

Interested? Feel free to contact Impact Yoga for:

  • Mindfulness & Yin yoga classes;
  • Yin/Yang yoga classes;
  • Restorative yoga;
  • Meditation sessions;
  • Workshops;
  • Or choose to include Impact Yoga for the perfect closure of your off-site or as an addition to your next company outing.